What makes a great lighting consultant?

As you begin to research lighting consultants, architects, electrical contractors, or other energy experts use this five point check list to see if they are the lighting design partner that you want working on your energy- efficient lighting project. It's the best advice we can share when it comes to how to choose a lighting contractor.


How much experience does your chosen lighting company have designing, building, and installing successful lighting systems? Are you working with an electrical contractor cashing in on keywords like "Energy Efficiency" or an LED salesman who hustles to sell as many of  a specific product as possible? Look for a partner, someone who can answer the important questions.


There are financial benefits beyond energy savings and reduced utility costs as a result of a lighting retrofit or upgrade. Lower overhead expenses, reduction in maintenance costs, return on investment, and overall cost of ownership should be demonstrated so you can fully understand your project's impact to the bottom line.


Avoid being pigeonholed by contractors or sales people that only sell specific brands or products and nothing else. Don't settle for the product that some retailer just happens to have handy. You deserve the best-fit products for your lighting system, and your needs.


Is the design of your lighting system going to take into consideration any short or long term changes in your business, or how the space in your facility is being utilized? Are the new products (fixtures and bulbs) to be installed in your new system easy to acquire? Are they affordable? 


Are you confident you can accurately compare bids from multiple vendors? Don't compare apples to oranges, start smart by investing in a lighting study - start your project with a document in hand that carefully takes into consideration your facility, your goals, and your specific required outcomes.

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