What is an Investment Grade Audit?


Find out if you are leaving money on the table with a sub-par lighting plan 

No two lighting projects are exactly the same and the most successful projects begin with attention to detail. One size doesn't fit all. This is why a custom designed lighting solution, packaged as a concrete plan for achieving the best energy-efficient lighting project, is the best way to start. TRC's Investment Grade Audits are customized to fit your building, and your specific business needs - don't settle for a cookie cutter fix. Success starts with a knowledgeable partner and a great plan.

what sort of information is included in an Investment Grade Audit?

  • Scope of Work includes every detail of your existing lighting system. It's the keystone for all the comparison reports included when you invest in a lighting study.
  • Savings summary and analysis is a snapshot of energy savings, rebate information, and comparisons each existing part of your lighting system to the energy-efficient proposed system.
  • Fixture cut sheets to identify system components across multiple bids.
  • Photometric layouts are models of a proposed lighting system to show how new fixtures will illuminate a space.
  • Utility liaison services to create rebate studies and submit rebate forms to utility companies in order to capture the maximum rebate for your project.
  • Maintenance savings and cost of ownership analysis reports are also available.

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E-book: Why should you invest in a lighting study?


E-book: Why should you invest in a lighting study?  


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