3 Ways to Make a Positive Environmental Impact


1) Consider Energy Efficient Products

The Retrofit Companies utilize one of the nation's largest selections of energy efficient products for your lighting and electrical contracting needs. Your company will experience significant Energy Savings, Cost Savings, and huge carbon savings. Find out how increasing your efficiency really makes a difference on the bottom line by taking a look at our Case Studies.

2) Recycle Universal & Hazardous Waste Responsibly

When choosing a partner to handle your Universal and Hazardous wastes, consider the following three factors.

  • Rely on a paper trail: Make sure that your recycler can present to you all licenses and certificates mandated by state and federal agencies, including insurance. In addition to this operating paperwork, ask your recycler what benefits they offer in regards to your waste tracking.
  • Look for an open door: Your recycler should have an "Open Door" policy, and they should expect that you would want to tour or 'audit' their facility.
  • Expect a learning experience: Your recycler should be able to answer any questions you have about handling Universal Wastes. Expect them to be the experts and a resource for you. The Retrofit Companies is that partner.

3) Find the best Partner for Environmental Services & Consulting

TRC helps your company become "greener" and lessen your environmental footprint by safely handling, transporting and disposing of waste. We provide convenient packaging, pick up from your location and handle all the required EPA documentation on your behalf. Our goal is to provide clients a quality service that makes recycling your hazardous material safe and simple while limiting your liability.


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TRC Environmental Services

There are many benefits to using TRC's Retrofit Recycling division. It is our goal to help alleviate your concerns and provide a quality service that is easy to use. We offer:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Licensed Facilities
  • Shipping Documents
  • Required Waste Labels
  • Professional Staff
  • Inventory Preparation
  • Waste Identification
  • Waste Sorting
  • DOT Approved Packaging
  • Safe Transportation
  • Legal Disposal/ Recycling
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Laboratory Testing

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