What is a Lighting Retrofit?


What is a Lighting Retrofit? A lighting retrofit is simply an upgrade to your light fixtures or lamps, increasing energy efficiency. Energy savings often offset the cost of these projects over time, while improving light levels and eliminating maintenance headaches. Utility companies often offer rebates for this kind of project.

Why Should You Consider a Lighting Upgrade?

There are many reasons to consider upgraded lighting in your facility. Below are some of the most common questions that have helped our customers understand if they should upgrade their system. 

  • Would you like to know what it is costing you to light your facility?
  • Would you like to reduce energy usage in your business?
  • Are you looking for an investment to enhance your building value?
  • Did you know that many energy-saving projects qualify for incentives from your local utility provider?
  • Are you interested in reducing your operating costs, while maintaining or increasing light quality?
  • Are pollution reduction and "going green" priorities for your business?

What are the benefits of Better Lighting?

Better lighting provides energy savings and reduced overhead. Customers also experience better light quality, improved safety on site and often increased productivity. 

Energy Efficient Lighting Projects

All lighting projects are different, so be sure to arm yourself from the beginning with the knowledge to make it a success. Get our guide to help your planning get off to the best start, "11 Questions to Ask A Lighting Contractor." 

Download 11 Questions to Ask a Lighting Contractor

You can also view our project outline to get a glimpse of what our process looks like.

Lighting Upgrade Case Studies

View more of TRC's dramatic before and after case studies and success stories, including energy savings and positive environmental impact statistics.


TRC Lighting Case Studies



Do You Have Lighting Problems?

Is this fixture in your building?


A facility analysis could show you savings up to 50% if the fixtures you use have high pressure sodium, metal halides or mercury vapor lamps. They can even be a health hazard according to the FDA.