TRC Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The Retrofit Companies, INC. (TRC)?

The Retrofit Companies, Inc. develops and implements customized energy-efficient lighting and environmental solutions for businesses. TRC has two separate divisions; Retrofit Lighting and Design and Retrofit Environmental (see below).



Retrofit Lighting and Design

Retrofit Lighting and Design specializes in designing lighting solutions for businesses that maximize energy savings and performance. Our in-house lighting design team develops projects that deliver on the array of needs you may have, including fitting a budget. As a vendor-neutral partner, we are able to select products that will perform to the needs of our customers without the influence of an external source, such as a manufacturer or inventory levels in a warehouse. With our business model, the customer's needs always come first.

Why would I need a lighting retrofit?

The Retrofit Companies, Inc. will evaluate your facility's lighting efficiency, determining the current technology and energy usage, as well as your potential energy savings. TRC will provide a summary for the project, addressing all areas of concern and project goals. Businesses often wish to purchase this scope of work, in the form of an Investment Grade Audit (IGA). This allows businesses to get apples-to-apples bid comparisons. With the IGA (Investment Grade Audit) purchase, you are provided with the full scope of work, cut sheets, energy analysis and photometric layouts.

What is an Investment grade audit (IGA)?

TRC's Investment Grade Audits provide customized project solutions, to fit your building, and your specific business needs. An IGA includes:

  • Scope of Work: Every detail of your existing lighting system; the keystone for all the comparison reports included when you invest in a lighting study.

  • Savings Summary and Analysis: A snapshot of energy savings, estimated rebate information, and comparisons of each existing part of your lighting system to the energy-efficient proposed system.

  • Fixture Cut Sheets: Utilized to identify system components across multiple bids.

  • Photometric Layouts: Models of a proposed lighting system to show how new fixtures will illuminate a space.

  • Utility Liaison Services: Utilized to create rebate studies and submit to utility companies to maximize your project rebates.

  • Maintenance Savings and Cost of Ownership Analysis: Custom reports available.

How long does it take for the install?

Installation time depends on the size of the job and the needs of each client, and is rarely disruptive to normal day-to-day operations. We pride ourselves on our level of customer service and always do our best to work around any scheduling needs. 

How long will it take before the new system gets installed?

When The Retrofit Companies, Inc. receives your signed quote and it is approved, installation typically begins in 8-10 weeks.

Does this include taking all the old material away?

Yes, because of The Retrofit Companies, Inc.'s unique full-service facility lighting solutions, we provide Universal Waste pickup at your facility at the time the job is complete. To schedule a pickup at your facility please visit Schedule a Recycling Pickup.

Are the energy calculations you state correct?

We do our very best to provide the most accurate energy calculations possible, though some projections may actually be conservative. What we provide is a mathematical calculation of your system wattage derived from an input wattage guide, the energy rate from your billing statement, and the number of hours your lights are on in your facility.

Can the lighting project be financed?

Yes, financing is available for most lighting projects. There are also lease options. Contact one of our lighting experts to learn more.

Are utility rebates available for my lighting project?

Most utility companies have some form of commercial lighting rebates. A percentage, on most utility bills, is mandated by the PUC (Public Utilities Commission) to go to energy conservation projects. This money is administered by the utility company and will vary depending on the size of the utility company. Rebates are decreasing every year, as LED wattage savings gets maxxed out, so move fast if you are considering a project.

Do I need to find my own electrical company to install this project?

No, The Retrofit Companies, Inc. is a licensed electrical contractor with a reputable network of sub-labor partners that are equally as qualified. TRC handles all aspects of your project, from the analysis and electrical work management, to universal waste recycling, rebate, and new product supply. We offer a full-service facility lighting solution with no loose ends.

Do I need to fill out the paperwork for the utility rebate?

No, The Retrofit Companies, Inc. will complete all necessary paperwork on your behalf. You will only need to supply your signature at the end of the project.

This project can save me this much money? What's the catch?

There is no catch. What are you waiting for? The Retrofit Companies, Inc. uses mathematical calculations to determine your energy savings per year. These calculations are based on input wattages before and after the project, hours of operation per year and your current utility rate. Businesses often hesitate because they have unanswered questions, but we are armed with experts and will take care of your needs every step of the way. Need more proof? Read this lighting success story.



Retrofit Environmental 

Retrofit Environmental has the same customer-first approach as Retrofit Lighting and Design. Our goal is to make managing the proper disposal and recycling of regulated waste for your business, as easy as possible. With so many regulations, we work to ensure that your business's waste is responsibly managed, from cradle-to-grave. This waste can be regular industrial waste, or a waste clean out of an old stockpile; we handle it all. We also have a network of partners that allow us to provide services on a national level, as well as providing tank cleaning and maintenance services, in addition to our chemical waste lab pack services, and Universal and Hazardous Waste recycling and disposal

What type of recycling does Retrofit Environmental do?

We specialize in the recycling of fluorescent lamps, non-PCB and PCB ballasts, batteries, TVs, monitors, electronics, mercury devices and hazardous waste such as paints, chemicals, solvents, radioactive material, and MUCH more. (If you cannot throw it, we can likely handle it for you.)

Why should I recycle used electronics?

Nearly all electronics are composed in part of circuit boards which contain lead, mercury, arsenic and other heavy metals; it is recommended that these items not be disposed of alongside normal trash. Cathode ray tubes (CRTs) in color computer monitors and televisions are considered hazardous when discarded because of the presence of lead in the CRT. (EPA online) Beginning July 1, 2006 all CRTs were banned from landfill disposal in Minnesota, and bans in Iowa were also established in 2017. 

How much does it cost for me to drop off my TV? Computer, or other waste?

Retrofit Environmental accepts recycling drop offs of most waste, Monday through Friday, from 8 am-4:00 pm. The cost for recycling depends on the type. For current recycling costs, check HERE, or call our office at 651-766-7422.

I need help...where do I start? 

We have representatives available to discuss services anytime. Please request a consult HERE.


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