The Retrofit Companies is your trusted partner for all of your regulated waste needs. We provide a range of Environmental Services, making it easy for you to remain compliant, minimize your risks, and responsibly handle your waste.

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    Universal Waste Recycling

    Universal wastes are hazardous wastes produced by businesses and households. Any unwanted items that fall within one of the universal waste categories can be handled, transported and recycled with the help our experts here at TRC. Read More

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    Electronics Recycling

    Electronic waste or e-waste describes discarded electrical or electronic devices. Used electronics which are destined for reuse, resale, salvage, recycling or disposal are also considered e-waste. Read More

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    Recycling and Environmental Services

    Our commitment to reducing your liability and disposing of hazardous waste in a way that is efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sound is unwavering. Whether your waste needs include a few hundred fluorescent tubes a year, computer & electronics recycling, battery disposal or several drums of hazardous waste every month, The Retrofit Companies offers a value added service that will work for you. Read More

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    Walk-In Pricing for Recycling

    Safely dispose of a variety of recycled items at one of our drop-off locations. TRC accepts fluorescent lamps, TV's, monitors, computers, laptops, batteries, appliances, mercury devices and more. Click for a full list of accepted items, walk-in pricing, and to find your nearest drop-off location.  Read More

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    Recyclepak Pre-paid Universal Waste Recycling

    RecyclePak® is an easy, pre-paid recycling solution for small quantities of Universal Waste, such as fluorescent lamps, batteries, ballasts, batteries, and mercury waste. Simply select the container for your waste type, and it is delivered to you. With one payment you receive a shipping container, mailing label, on-site pickup, recycling fees, and a Certificate of Recycling for compliance. Read More

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    schedule a waste pick-up

    Request a waste pick-up, schedule a chemical waste lab pack, or consult our environmental team. Read More

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    Chemical Waste Clean-Up

    Chemical waste is often overlooked. Some material sits on-site for years, untouched. Over time, waste breaks down and can become unstable. Packaging and containers also breakdown or get damaged, causing safety and compliance issues. Don't put yourself at risk for fines or other issues. Read More

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    Industrial Tank Cleaning and Maintenance Services

    You may have a tank in your facility right now that requires a tank cleaning service. There are three common types of tanks often found in facilities just like yours; learn more about these common industrial tanks and if TRC is the correct partner for you and your clean-up needs. Read More

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    Customer Stories

    Customers share their experiences working with our Environmental Services experts. Read More