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The Retrofit Companies is in the midst of an aggressive growth mode. Building strong relationships with valued partners in all aspects of our business allows us to deliver unmatched value in every service we provide. Our People, Leadership, Culture, Spirit and Core Values allow us to achieve our goals and build on our successful image and reputation. Our Motto, “You can sheer a sheep a dozen times, but you only skin it once,” has served us well since the company began in 1992 and we plan to follow it for many more.

Steve Kath, CEO & Founder

I’m extremely proud and honored to take the role of President at The Retrofit Companies. Steve’s legacy of hard work and fair leadership has been equally important to our clients and to our tenured employees. I am committed to the hard work required to ensure that none of his traction is lost. In the last 18 years, I’ve seen this business and our industry face meaningful changes, which have presented TRC with some significant challenges. However, our 25 years of experience gives us the tools to consistently become stronger and better. Our employees are skilled, resourceful, and constantly improving. With this team, I am confident in our future success and growth. “We’ve always done it this way” is a dangerous mindset, and our persistent growth will be a result of innovative thinking. Efficient, accountable progress will be our key focus as we continue to expand our business in the years to come.

Wendy Fry, President



The visionary at The Retrofit Companies is responsible for expanding and improving the business. We focus on the big picture, keep a pulse on our industries, connect the dots, then research and develop new services. We are great with big relationships, the culture of the organization, and solve big, ugly problems. We’re responsible to pave the road map to our success and share this vision with those responsible for integration.

Wendy Fry, President & Visionary



Integrator has an interesting function of making a team work together toward the common goal. The position integrates the processes, procedures, and roles within the company to attain the vision set by the leadership team. It will also be the sounding board for the Visionary to test new ideas that can be integrated into the business to expand the vision. It is a position of accountability for the company.

Dan Harrington, Vice President & Integrator

Sales and Customer Service Teams

Lighting & Environmental Sales Team

The accomplishments of our team at TRC are dependent on the success of the Lighting and Environmental solutions we provide for you and your business. It’s our objective to exceed your expectations and offer quality custom solutions based on your business goals and our specialties.

Our Lighting division guides you to an educated decision that makes sense for you and your facility. We’re here as a partner to help you realize your vision of energy-saving lighting improvements in the most straightforward way.

Our Environmental division provides you peace of mind as we properly and safely handle all of your waste needs. Our range of services for almost every waste type, plus unsurpassed customer service, means you enjoy convenience when you navigate these complicated tasks. 

Whether your needs are Lighting, Environmental, or both, we seek to initiate and build long-lasting relationships with amazing clients just like you!

Jake Andrist, Sales & Marketing Manager


Customer Service Department

We strive to deliver quality service that goes beyond client expectations, every time. We are a small company that truly cares about your needs. We provide custom Environmental Services solutions, including Universal Waste recycling and Hazardous Waste disposal. As your trusted vendor, we guide you through the process of handling, storing, and shipping your waste with safety and professionalism. Working with our Custom Lighting division, we guide clients toward their energy-saving, waste-reducing lighting dreams, solve electrical issues, and deliver replacement lighting supplies to your door. We’re here to make your job easier!

Marie Magadan, Customer Service Manager


Lighting Project Development Department

Our project development team perform on-site visits to review your facility with you prior to all projects. The personal involvement with client facilities is necessary to develop a lighting system that works for your facility. Over the course of more than two decades, TRC has surveyed nearly every business type imaginable. The result is a staff with all this cumulative knowledge at their disposal, allowing them to build quality lighting projects and capitalize on maximum energy savings while working to exceed your requirements.

Digger Anderson, Senior Project Director


Marketing Department

We’re responsible for tasks like market research and sales resource development, but the most exciting things we get to do include public outreach through social media and event coordinating. We like to work hard and play hard- that’s even one of Our Core Values. It’s our goal in the Marketing Department to make sure all TRC clients and potential customers trust our expertise AND find us fun to be around!

Jake Andrist Sales & Marketing Manager


Operations & Finance Teams

Contracting Operations Department

Our operations team is responsible for scheduling and installation of both bid and time and material electrical projects. We handle material orders, permits, and shipping and receiving. Our goal is to provide a friendly, professional installation, and a Great Customer Experience.

Randy Olinger, TRC Contracting Operations Manager


Environmental Services and Recycling Department

The Recycling Operations for TRC is headquartered in Little Canada, Minnesota. This division is responsible for the safe and professional movement of both Hazardous and Universal Waste streams from our customers to our end facility partners. Our number one goal is superior customer service. With our experienced staff of drivers, warehouse personnel, and field chemists our customer experience cannot be matched in the industry!  The energetic, team orientated work environment is what makes employees stay and customers come back.

Steve Jacobs, Environmental Operations & Compliance Director


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