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What IS e-WASTE?

Electronic waste, or E-waste is any equipment with a circuit board, power cord, screen, or (CRT) cathode ray tube. E-waste includes (but is not limited to) monitors, televisions, CPUs, laptops, tablets, cell and desk phones, printers, copiers, keyboards, mice, and much more.



Why choose TRC as your electronics recycler?

An E-waste recycling program protects your business from unnecessary risks and costs, while improving your business and helping the environment. With a history of ethical and responsible business practices, The Retrofit Companies, Inc., and our network of partners, offer a technologically superior, safe and secure process for your E-waste, with a level of customer service that is unmatched. Partnering with TRC, you can rest assured, that your E-waste will be recycled responsibly and in manner that meets or exceeds compliance standards.



Why Should I Recycle E-Waste? 

In Minnesota, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) regulates E-wastes under the Hazardous Waste Rules. E-waste is hazardous because of its potential to release toxic heavy metals – lead, cadmium, mercury – into the environment if not managed and disposed of properly. Assume all E-waste to be hazardous waste unless you evaluate and can document that it is non-hazardous.

Not all states manage E-waste under the Hazardous waste rules, but the threat to the environmental is real and should be taken into consideration when disposing of electronic waste.


End of Life Destruction

E-Waste End of Life Collage

Our top priority is managing your environmental liability while protecting your data security. The Retrofit Companies, Inc. securely manages the transfer of your electronics to our partnering facilities, in the U.S., where the E-waste is broken down to its individual commodity components and all hazardous materials are separated and recycled which meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirements. We offer compliance documentation for all processes.


Data Security

We handle the security of your data, the same way handle our own. To ensure data security, all material follows a chain of custody process. All material that requires electronic data removal is put through the Department of Defense approved process to ensure erasure. End-of-life materials are physically shredded to ensure complete destruction.


CRT Glass Recycling

The preferred method of recycling obsolete monitors and televisions, by state and federal agencies is recycling or reuse. The Retrofit Companies, Inc. partner’s glass process meets and exceeds all federal CRT rule regulations and guidelines. All protocols meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations, while safely processing the glass with no exposure to the environment.

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