Lighting Sensor Case Study

Our Client Says "The main reason we wanted to get new lighting was because of the cost savings per fixture per year and the fact that we were able to have many lights sensored. The great rebates offered made the decision pretty much a no-brainer! The quality of light is much better than we had before...easier on the eyes!" 

This warehouse facility with ceiling heights of 29 and 40 feet, over 400 of the existing 400 watt Metal Halide fixtures using 465 watts of energy each were changed out to a 6 lamp 220 watt T8 Fluorescent High Bay fixture. For this retrofit the client received over $66,000 in rebates!

Energy Savings

32% reduction in Kwh usage
BEFORE: 1,031,197 Kwh
AFTER: 706,118 Kwh
52% reduction in demand
BEFORE: 206.57 Kw
AFTER: 100.1 Kw

Cost Savings

64% lighting cost savings
Annual lighting cost before: $85,063.87
Proposed lighting cost after: $30,568.55

Carbon Savings

1,094,483.5 lbs of CO2
Equivalent to: 107.5 cars off the road for a year, 56,541 gallons of gasoline saved, or 167.24 tons of waste recycled!

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