Pool Lighting Case Study

This client qualified for nearly $5,000 in rebate incentives when they upgraded just 20 fixtures. Utility Companies want you to reduce energy usage and in some cases will pay you to do it! 

In this pool facility with a ceiling height of 22 feet, our client experience poor color rendering and consumed 840 wats per fixture. TRC proposed replacing the existing Metal Halide fixtures with energy efficient 4 Lamp T5 Vapor Tight Flourescent High Bay Fixtures that consume only 234 watts per fixture.

Energy Savings

71% reduction in Kwh usage
BEFORE: 63,000 Kwh
AFTER: 18,428 Kwh

Cost Savings

71% lighting cost savings
Annual lighting cost before: $5,103
Proposed lighting cost after: $1,492

Carbon Savings

69,087.4 lbs of CO2
Equivalent to: Equivalent to: 6.8 cars off the road for a year, 3,569 gallons of gasoline saved, or 10.56 tons of waste recycled!

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