Airplane Hangar Retrofit

Better Lighting Quality was achieved with this lighting retrofit of an Airplane Hangar.

Pilots flying into the airport said after the lighting in the first hangar was finished, they could see the dramatic difference in light quality even from the runway! 

In this hangar with a ceiling height ranging from 30-40 feet, our client struggled with high engery bills and a poor quality of light. TRC proposed removing the existing 400 Watt Metal Halide Highbay Fixtures and replacing them with 6 Lamp High-Efficiency 32 Watt T8 Fixtures.

Energy Savings

48% reduction in Kwh usage
BEFORE: 147,113 Kwh
AFTER: 71,079 Kwh

Cost Savings

51% lighting cost savings
Annual lighting cost before: $11,621
Proposed lighting cost after: $5,615

Carbon Savings

117,852.5 lbs of CO2
Equivalent to: 11.6 cars off the road for a year, 6,088 gallons of gasoline saved, or 18 tons of waste recycled!

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