Industrial Facility Before and After

Improved lighting in your facility can create an increase in workplace productivity.

In warehouse #1 (photos) TRC replaced 4 lamp 40 watt T12 8' fixtures with 25 watt T8 power strip fixtures. TRC also replaced 400 watt metal halides with 6 lamp T8 fixtures, because an electrical panel was burning so hot that maintenance staff commented they couldn't put their hand on it. Ultrasound scans on the panel before and after show the reduction of usage and the panel was cool to the touch.

Energy Savings

56% reduction in Kwh usage
BEFORE: 906,287 Kwh
AFTER: 400,056 Kwh

Cost Savings

Savings of $189.84 per day
Annual lighting cost before: $81,565.80
Proposed lighting cost after: $36,005.02

Carbon Savings

784,657.9 lbs of CO2
Equivalent to: 77.1 cars off the road for a year, 40,535.4 gallons of gasoline saved, or 119.9 tons of waste recycled!

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