Auto Lot Exterior LED Retrofit

When owners at Park Chrysler Jeep decided to replace the 30 1,000 watt metal halide fixtures on their lot, they knew that LEDs were an option to consider but they were unclear about the monetary return on the investment they could expect from the new lighting technology. They worked with TRC to design and install their exterior LED retrofit project.


This exterior LED lighting solution accomplishes more with less — the new fixtures require less energy and light output to provide more even light distribution than the fixtures they replaced. Park Chrysler Jeep lighting costs will decrease since the fixtures use 75 percent less kW per year than the dealership’s former metal halide HID fixtures. This light is being applied even more efficiently through the use of specific LED optics.

Now, the dealership incurs a cost savings of $10,000 per year. When the $13,000 utility rebate is added in, the total return on investment excluding maintenance savings is 22 percent and the projected project payback period is 4.5 years.


• Use LED fixtures for energy reduction with fast R.O.I. payback
• Increase lighting levels on front row cars, sales and storage areas
• Increase visibility and uniformity
• Reduce maintenance
• Replace 1000W H.I.D. with 190W and 280W LED

Before Redesign & Retrofit. Fixtures create glare, and shadows.


After Redesign & Retrofit. Less glare, and evenly lit with fewer drastic shadows improve safety and security on site.


 See the full case study, including fixture information here.



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Without any complaints from residents about light spillover onto the highway, Park is achieving 75 footcandles on more than 300 feet of front row automobiles.


Customers and people driving by at night now get a better view of the merchandise on the lot.