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Over 20 Years in the Lighting & Recycling Industry

The Retrofit Companies began doing energy-efficient lighting upgrades and retrofits in the 1980's. We now offer energy-efficient lighting design and consultation, are a recycler of Universal and Hazardous Wastes, and retail provider of new lighting supplies. These divisions of our company work together to implement environmental services and solutions customized to your needs.

This means that TRC can analyze your facility, make lighting upgrade recommendations, complete paperwork for available rebates, install the new system, safely recycle the old parts, help with maintenance or warranty issues and even offer new products when the time comes. As a TRC client you benefit from having one trusted vendor who is familiar with your facility, your employees and your needs. We strive to provide each customer with comprehensive environmental solutions and resource management by instituting energy saving and recycling systems.

Our Culture

All of our Team Members are engaged and understand how their role contributes to our success. We trust each other and hold each other accountable for Excellent Work, Customer Satisfaction and Hitting Budgets. Processes are followed by all to ensure efficiency and success amongst all team members from start to finish


Our Leadership Team is a diverse group of talented, hard working professionals, dedicated to leading The Retrofit Companies in reaching our goals. This group has more than 94 years of combined service to TRC.

Image & Reputation

The Retrofit Companies takes pride in creating a superior image. From the logoed attire our employees proudly wear to our modern fleet of lettered vehicles, everything about us says “Professional.” We are truly grateful for our customer testimonials. These referrals are a direct reflection of our level of service.

Our Success

Our success is not only measured by the dollar amount of business we do, but also by our reputation and the happiness of our employees. We measure our success by ratings from our customers, along with their referrals. TRC leadership forecasts, plans, and understands how profits are made. We take time up front with these tasks to ensure that all plans are well crafted. We believe everyone needs to be pulling hard in the same direction to gain success.

Our Partners

Our partners are a group of trusted companies and people committed to assisting TRC in reaching our goals. Partners are an extension of our team and we were diligent in our effort to select them.



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